How to Repair a Malfunctioning Mac

In case the speed of the system is very slow and not responding correctly then you have to repair your system first. When you are doing any work in the Mac, and it is not able to open your selected file, this means you have to troubleshoot your Mac by following the given steps.

Steps for Updating the System Software:

If you find any slow down problem in your Mac, then the first thing you should do is to update your system in its latest version. The reason for this problem may be of not upgrading your system or need to update all the software which is downloaded on your system.

•    Press “Apple Menu” symbol in the left side of the display.

•    Choose “App Store” to get a page of App store on your screen.

•    Press the “Updates” button given on the upper side of the App Store screen.

•    Update all the outdated versions of the software which had downloaded on the system.

In case your system has a macOS Sierra model, you don’t have to update your system software manually you can turn on “Automatic Install” option in your system, this option will update all the software automatically, and it takes less time to update.

•    Tap “App Store” on the left side of the menu list.

•    Press “System Preferences” option.

•    In the “Automatically check for updates” option, go through the given box:

  • Download software in your system background
  • Install application latest updates
  • Install macOS updates.
  • Install system folders and their most recent updates.

Steps for Checking the Errors in Hard Disk:

In case updating all the software in your system does not solve this problem then the next step you should take is to check the disk in your Mac.

•    Start the Mac again.

•    When doing the rebooting process, holding down Cmd and R key and wait until your Mac restart.

•    After rebooting the Mac, you have to click “Recovery Partition” option.

•    Choose “Disk Utility” option.

•    Tap “First Aid” tab given under the “Disk Utility” option.

•    Press “Run” to perform in your Mac.

The Mac will go through the hard disk to identify any error, and in case there is any error then it tries to repair that error.

How to create a partition on Mac?

You should have a space on the Hard disk if you want to make a partition in your Mac at least of thirty gigabytes. In case you don’t have space in Hard disk, then you have to take a backup of the corrupted disk to a Universal Serial Bus drive.

•    Go to the “Finder” from the Mac dock.

•    Choose “Applications” below the iCloud drive option.

•    Go to the “Utilities” file at the end of the screen.

•    Disk Utility option can be open by double-clicks.

•    Choose “Hard Drive” given in the “Disk Utility” screen. You will see this option on the top of the menu list. The option is named as “Fusion,” or “Macintosh HD.”

•    Press the “Partition” button.

•    Tap the “Plus” tab.

•    You can adjust the partition size in your Mac which you want to use by clicking on the resize controls. The empty column is of an azure color.

•    Give a title to your new partition in the Mac.

•    Press the “Apply” button.

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