How to Pair and Use Apple AirPods with Chromebook

Apple AirPods are the most convenient and stylish way of listening to music or responding to calls. This is all because of the advanced features that Apple has integrated into that small gadget. People love everything about AirPods from advanced controlling features to its sound quality. Those who got this want to connect and use it with all their devices to listen to music, etc. Apple AirPods use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with the devices. These earbuds can connect to any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity, including your Chromebook. You can easily pair AirPods with your Chromebook via Bluetooth. Here is how to pair and use Apple AirPods with Chromebook.

Connecting Apple AirPods with Chromebook

First, you need to disconnect the AirPods from the connected Apple or another device. If you’re using AirPods with an Apple iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, then make sure to close the media playing apps before you attempt to pair them with your Chromebook. To avoid interruption, also make sure to not turn on anything that causes the AirPods to connect with the already paired device. Here is how.

1.   Charge your AirPods fully to make sure it will not turn off during the pairing process.

2.   Keep the AirPods into the charging case, as you do every time to pair AirPods with an iPhone or another device.

3.   Start your Chromebook, if it is not already.

4.   Then open the ‘Menu’ from the taskbar of your Chromebook. You’ll find the option to open it at the right bottom corner of the display near the clock, battery indicator or Wi-Fi icon.

5.   In the menu, click on ‘Bluetooth’ icon and enable your Chromebook’s Bluetooth.

6.   Now, take the AirPods charging case with the AirPods inside.

7.   Open your AirPods charging case. Check and charge the battery, if needed.

8.   Now, press the ‘Pair’ button on the AirPods charging case and hold it for a few seconds. This will put them in pairing mode and allow the nearby Bluetooth to find them. When you see the white LED light on the charging case, this means the AirPods is in pairing mode and available to pair with your Chromebook.

9.   Look for the AirPods name on your Chromebook in the available Bluetooth devices list and select it. If the AirPods doesn’t appear there, then make sure both your laptop and earbuds are within the maximum range, i.e. 20 feet.

10.  Confirm pairing, when prompted.

11. Now, the LED light on charging case will turn green and your Chromebook display the status “connected” on the AirPods name.

Once you successfully pair the Apple AirPods with your Chromebook. You can start using them to enjoy watching movies or listen to music on your laptop.

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