How To Find The Color Value Of Anything On Mac Screen?

Many of the times we come across situations when we are unable to get the appropriate color for editing an image of for making a magazine front cover. It can be possible that you may be able to find colors that are very dull and very light. Fortunately, you can get the exact color value for the projects with the help of Color Meter. Go through this blog carefully to know about it in more detail.

Here’s the ways of finding Color Code on your Mac device

Go for Digital Color Meter on your Mac

You shall get the application below the Utilities.

  1. Firstly, go to the Finder and press on Applications from the sidebar list.
  2. Look that over here you shall get all the applications of the Mac device.
  3. Then, search for the Digital Color Meter and press it for opening it.
  4. Alternatively, go for Spotlight. Write Digital Color Meter and press on it.

Go for Color Code on your Mac

Read the given below instructions carefully:

  1. You shall get the color code by moving the cursor on the image that you like.
  2. Note that the color value shall get displayed on ‘Digital Color Pane.’
  3. Have a look that it shall be mentioned in RGB.
  4. Next, copy or put every code in RGB and put it in the editing application.
  5. Note that the copy can be done by you of the color value.  This can be done by pressing the combination of Shift-Command-C. Or else, put the combination of Option-Command-C for copying it as a picture.
  6. Remember that few of the editing applications shall need different color values. This can be done by pressing View. It shall be towards the above of the Digital Color Meter menu option.
  7. Then, press on Display Value.
  8. Lastly, select the color value that you would wish to have.

Manage the Aperture size

  1. The Aperture size slider is present towards the end at the left-hand side of Digital Color Meter pane.
  2. Prefer sliding the aperture to rightwards for having a smaller area.
  3. Note that you can choose a single pixel.

The method of locking the Color

Many times, after getting the color code on your Mac, automatically the pointer moves so you need to start from the beginning. For stopping to face such problems, you should lock the color. After you search the color, hit Command-X for locking it horizontally or Command Y for locking it vertically. And for locking from both positions, hit Command L.

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