How to Download & Watch Netflix Movies and Series on Phone

Downloading a movie or shows from Netflix is amazing and it allows you to watch movies when you are on the go. Whether you’re online or not, still you can view the content offline you had downloaded. Just recently, Smart Download a new feature Netflix has added to the Netflix mobile app.

How to turn Netflix Smart Download off or on?

The feature will help the users to manage their downloaded and already watched TV shows. Smart Download feature automates the managing process now you do not need to delete an already watched episode and download the next one manually. The feature will automatically remove the last video that you’ve already seen and downloads the next one from the series. The feature only works when you’re on a Wi-Fi network. If you don’t want to use Smart Downloads feature or want to manage your download content manually, then you can also turn off the feature.

How to turn On and Off Smart Downloads from Downloads Section

1.    Click on the ‘Downloads’ icon (downward facing arrow).

2.    Click on ‘Smart Downloads.’

3.    Use the Smart Downloads switch to turn it off and on.

How to turn On and Off Smart Downloads from App Settings

1.    Click on the ‘Menu’ icon.

2.    Go to ‘App Settings.’

3.    Use the Smart Downloads switch to turn it off and on. The toggle button is under the Downloads section.

That’s it! The above guidelines will works on your Android device (tablet or phone) and also on an iOS device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad).

Downloading Netflix Show and Movies

When you sign in for the first time into your Netflix app, you’ll see a dialog displaying downward facing download arrow icon this can be used to download. Importantly there is also a link on it for the contents available for download. If you closed it before reading the prompt. Don’t be anxious you’ve another way to get it back.

Go to the ‘Search Section’ of the Netflix app and use the category ‘Available for Download’ to view the movies and shows currently available for download.

To Download a Show:

It is the one tap simple task only you’ve to find and select the content you want to download and then just click the ‘Download’ button and leave rest on the app. You can do this too while browsing on Netflix merely keep your eyes on the download button.

To adjust downloading quality:

Here is how to set the downloading quality for the Movies, Shows or other video content you’re downloading.

  • Open the ‘Menu’ and go to ‘App Settings.’
  • Select the quality ‘High or Standard’ and done.

Downloading high-quality content will eat up some extra storage space on your phone.

Managing your Netflix Downloads manually

If you hadn’t allowed Smart Downloads to manage your Downloads. Or prefer managing manually than automatically by a feature. Then you’re able to do this here is how to check storage and manage Netflix.

To check how much space Netflix app using on your phone:

If you want to see how much space the app is using on your phone before deleting any content, then open the ‘App Settings’ and go to ‘Downloads section’ to view.

How to manage Downloads or Delete content

1.    Open ‘Downloads’ tab from the bottom tabs menu.

2.    Select the show you want to manage by tapping on it.

3.    To delete a single episode: Tap on the ‘Blue checkbox’ of the video you want to delete and select ‘Delete Download’ from the menu.

4.    To select more episodes to delete: Tap on the ‘Pencil’ at the upper right corner on downloads screen.

5.    To delete the entire content at once: open ‘App Settings’ then select ‘Delete All Downloads’ to delete all.

That’s all!

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