Guide to Checking the Internet Speed on iPad

You might be confused about your iPad’s slow or your internet connections. It can be the poor strength of network connections. The bad connectivity can lead to the performance problem of the device. That’s why it is indispensable to recognize the rate of internet speed on your iPad device for resolving many other issues. For testing the iPad device, you can use any mobile internet speed tester like Ookla. In these applications, you can check the Wi-Fi network speed of iPad device by allowing it to use services as location based. The mobile internet speed tester app appears as the speedometer in the vehicle. Similar to the speedometer, you don’t have to touch the high speed for having high internet speed connections. It actually relies on the use of your iPad device. You can check your internet speed connection more than one time for having the knowledge about the average internet speed.

In case you are having lousy internet speed (for instances, speed lesser than 5 Mbps) then you can change the location within the home. You should first check the internet speed while positioning beside the router and then try to change the location in different parts of the residence place. In the case of obstructions such as a wall, the strength of Wi-Fi network becomes poor.

Before delving into the examination of internet speed by using the app, you have to know the bandwidth range in your internet network. You can also examine your internet speed in a laptop which is linked to your router with the help of Ethernet wires. Here is the list of the issue might be raised with respect to its bandwidth range:

•    Lesser than 3 Mbps: You can have the issues like video clip streaming, slowly loading the websites etc. In this bandwidth range, you can have the internet speed connections of 1-2 Mbps.

•    Ranging 3-5 Mbps: There will not be an issue about the music streaming or website loading. But you will face the problem on streaming the video clips so you can experience lower quality videos from YouTube or else.

•    Ranging 6-10 Mbps: Here, you will get the smooth streaming of video clips but can be having issues on streaming the high-quality videos on a number of devices.

•    Ranging 11-25 Mbps: In this range, you will get internet speed of more than 10 Mbps. You can stream the HD video clips with a number of devices.

•    Ranging more than 25 Mbps: In this range, you can stream the videos of 4K or UHD quality. There will not be having any issues to stream the video clips on a number of devices.

The ping time period can measure the delay of the internet connections along with the bandwidth measurement. Ping time is the period at which it looks for the data to obtain from a variety of remote servers. It is a vital element in case you are a gamer in playing multiplayer games.

When your mobile internet speed tester app displays the device working slowly, then you shouldn’t be frightened. You can restart the device and again run the internet speed testing. When you still have the problem, then you can reset the settings for the network in the iPad device. For this, you can open the “Settings” and then selecting the option of “General” placed at the left of the menu bar and then press “Reset” button. You can select the button of “Reset Network Settings” present in the new display. After that, you have to sign into the router. You should restart your Wi-Fi router again.

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