6 Ways to Fix PUBG Mobile lagging problem

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) Mobile is one of the most trending games. Its graphics quality and controls are impressive and that is the one reason why gamers love PUBG. If you’re also a PUBG lover and find your game lagging, then you can fix it easily by doing some little modification in graphics configuration, internet connection, etc.

Lets’ explore the ways to troubleshoot PUBG Mobile lagging issue

Reasons for PUBG Mobile lagging problem

•    Battery low: When the battery of your Mobile device goes down it will cause the frame rate will also slow down, this may result in lagging the game. Charge your Mobile battery and try again.

•    Device Temperature: Continue running game makes your device hot as well as drain battery, the high temperature of the Mobile slow down the frame and this will cause the game lag. Give rest to your phone and play later after a break.

•    Programs running: Too many programs or process running on a device at a time will slow down the device and lag the game. Close all the programs and restart your phone.

•    High Graphics Settings: Setting higher graphics settings on a low capacity device will cause the game to lag. Try to play the game with lower graphics settings or hardware capacity of your device.

•    Network connection: A slow internet also lags the game, check the signal at the bottom left corner during match or server selection screen. When it shows a yellow/red signal, it means bad connection. Try to use a good Wi-Fi or network connection.

How to fix PUBG Mobile lagging problem?

1.    Choose a server with the lowest ping

•    Open ‘Select Mode’.  The selection mode button is just below to the Start button in the Lobby screen.

•    Touch the ‘Server button’. It is near the upper-right corner of the screen.

•    And, Prefer a server with the lowest ping.

2.    Change Graphics Settings

•    Go to the ‘Lobby’ screen.

•    Open ‘Settings’ from the bottom right corner of the screen.

•    Open ‘Graphics Settings Menu’.

•    And select the ‘Graphic Settings’ compatible with your device.

3.    Run game with a good signal

•    Use a good internet connection or Wi-Fi network.

•    Move to a location where signal quality is excellent.

4.    Free up some space of your device

•    Log out from the game. Remember if you’re a guest player then you may lose your progress after logging out.

•    Quit from ‘Game’.

•    Free up space of your device.

•    Open ‘Game’.

•    And login again.

5.    Try to Repair your PUBG MOBILE game

•    Go to the Login screen.

•    Touch on the ‘Repair’ button on the right side of the Screen.

•    And repair your game.

6.    Reinstall your PUBG Game.

•    Uninstall your game.

•    And Reinstall it from App Store/Play Store.

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