5 Best Alarm Clock Apps for iOS and Android

In the hustle and bustle of regular life and tedious work schedule, sleeping and waking up on time becomes a daunting task. Alarm clocks have been the best companion when it comes to waking a human up on time since inception. But smartphones have overtaken almost everything and can be used an alarm clock as well.

There are tons of alarm clock apps with great functionality to wake you up in the morning or any time of the day. Among many, here is the list of the best five alarm clock apps that you can regularly use for best results.

1. Bedtime

Bedtime is a default iOS clock app, which means it is already there for you if you have an Apple device with the latest version of iOS. It asks for the time you desire to wake up at first use and the amount of sleep you generally should take. After calculating your information, it will let you know your bedtime and alerts you when the time is up. You can sync it with your health app too for betterment.

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is not only for making a call or playing your favorite music, but it is a useful alarm clock app as well. You need to set the alarm accordingly, and you are ready to go. This app is ideal for integrating with other Google products such as Google Calendar.

3. Sleep Cycle

If you desire both sleep tracker and an alarm clock, Sleep Cycle app is the perfect solution for you. It wakes you up gently and lets you correctly organize your day. You are destined to feel energized every time you will wake up.

4. Alarm Clock Xtreme

With standard alarm clock features, Alarm Clock Xtreme app is a well-known and one of the best alarm clock apps. It boasts various functionality including music alarms, auto-snooze, alarm challenges, snooze button customization and more. You can track your sleep with this app as well. This alarm clock app comes free, but if you desire it ad-free go for the paid version.

5. Alarmy

Alarmy is available on both the Apple store as well as the Google Play store and is pretty popular on both the platforms.  It features three different modes, which are the photo, shake, and math problem mode. The photo mode forces you to take a picture of a place or object to wake you up, while shake mode bugs you to shake your phone around 50 times. As the name suggests, math problem mode forces you to solve a math puzzle. You also get to see important stuff such as top news stories and the weather news in this app. For a personalized experience, it is customizable with various themes as well.

Have fun while you wake up in the morning with these unique and exciting alarm clock apps!

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